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Tortoiseshell counters for the court of Louis?

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These superb and possibly unique tortoiseshell counters were made in two shapes. The round counters are decorated in gilt with flowers and scrolls. The longs are more interesteing! They are variously decorated with the sun, portraits, beavers, a cryptic monogram and coronets. It has been suggested that they were made in the early 18C possibly around 1730 for the French court. The decoration certainly suggests as much - the sun made me think at once of Louis XIV - but that would make them later. The beaver is often used as a symbol in French herladry; the monogram may include an 'L'. The Palais Royal was producing luxury items for the French court at this time and I suggest that theese were produced there. I would welcome any ideas about who they were produced for. They were clearly intended for card  games - the French generally used just two shapes in many of their sets of counters. 

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