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Set of m-o-p whist markers

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The ordering and use of sets of whist marker counters from Canton is an area that mystifies me so I will not try to offer any explanation about this one! Suffice to say, it is different from any others I have seen.

This one comprises four large oval counters, clearly made in Canton with a style of depicting flowers that was in use on gaming counters around 1780. The large ovals are inscribed: Whist slamm, Whist dubbelt, Whist trippel, and Whistquadruppel. There are also two smaller counters simply marked Whist. Observations: these would appear to be made for the Dutch market from the spellings - or else they refer to an International version of Whist that was in general use and the spellings were retained. If anyone can offer further explanations, I would be very pleased to publish them on the website for everybody's benefit, including mine.

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