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Lind family m-o-p box and counters

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Never a dull moment! As soon as you come to the conclusion that there cannot be any more 'new' styles of Chinese games box  made in Canton, another comes along. This is made of mother-of-pearl on a wood carcase and is slightly larger than the later 'standard' size of boxes one sees in wood and lacquer. The m-o-p is well decorated with diaper patterns typical of 1770 and matches the 'wavy-edge' counters of that preiod. The lid bears the arms, crest, helm and motto for the Lind family exactly as shown on the counters which were crammed into the box. Were there originally four boxes fitting into a larger box? Very hard to know but as each box could potentially contain a large number of counters - up to sixty - then it would appear that this set was not planned to hold the normal total of 140 gaming counters. A super box but one which leaves a few questions unanswered.

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