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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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Armorial porcelain(14N)

Over the years I have bought many pieces of armorial porcelain - so here is a selection. Please note that postage is extra to the prices shown - obviously this will depend on the destination. Please enquire. Also please note that condition is shown in the description - most of these pieces are either restored or have some damage. 


Superb pair of 8" armorial plates made for REDMAN as described in CAP I p.761. Circa 1790. Both restored and display superbly. Please enquire for postage cost.

price: £ 425
photo product

Repaired plate- with super armorial: displays very well. Has been broken in three pieces.

price: £ 125
photo product

Super 8" plate with monogram and armorial fopr Adams impaling Scott. Hairline crack - displays very well. CAP II p.501. Please enquire for cost of mailing.

price: £ 195
photo product
Famille rose marriage plate (14N4)

Super armorial plate probably made circa 1770 for the French market. Coats of arms accollees of François de Foucault de la Renaudie (1736-?) and Madeleine Libault du Perray, the both from ...

price: £ 195
photo product
Armorial dish (14N5)

This is the original piece as photographed for CAP II p.589 with the same lead fill to the rim. Family not attributed by David Howard. This pieces has been badly broken but still displays very well.

price: £ 145
photo product
CRAMER teabowl (14N6)

Repaired example of this super teabowl made for CRAMER CAP II. Please enquire for postage cost.

price: £ 90
photo product
Armorial saucer (14N7)

Cryptic monogram SM on this super 18C display piece. Broken and repaired. Please enquire for postage cost.

price: £ 55
photo product
Armorial teabowl (14N8)

Super armorial teabowl with crest of a stag affrontee. Hairline. Please enquire for postage cost.

price: £ 60
photo product
Famille rose armorial saucer (14N9) BEST

Rare 19C famille rose armorial saucer masde for BEST CAP II p.484. Restored. Please enquire for postage cost.

price: £ 145
photo product
Armorial saucer HIPPISLEY (14N10)

Restored armorial saucer made for HIPPISLEY impaling STUART CAP II p.484.75

price: £ 75
photo product
Bowl and saucer (14N11) with pseudo-armorial

Large bowl and matching saucer probably made for the American market circa 1800. Both pieces with restoration. Super display. Please enquire for postage cost.

price: £ 85
photo product
Punchbowl CROP impaling BANNER (14N12)

Armorial small size punchbowl - restored - with the arms fro CROP impaling BANNER - see CAP I  p.309. Has been broken in two and was originaslly stapled. Displays very well with arms repeated to ...

price: £ 245
photo product
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