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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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Sales page 11N

A page of armorials including some super-rare armorial fishes. A couple of the fishes have chips to the tail but they are included as they are so hard to find


Very early large fish made for CHARLES DUBOIS Treasurer of the East India Company circa 1725.

price: £ 110
photo product
Charles Godfrey round (11N2)

Perhaps the most interesting name in counters - very early and superb counters. Circa 1725

price: £ 185
photo product
Vintners fish (11N3)

An early counter for the Company of Vintners circa 1740.

price: £ 85
photo product
KEKEWICH set of three (11N4)

 More incredible quality - large size superb bright m-o-p and great artwork. Made for Kekewich circa 1810

price: £ 125
photo product
GS monogram armorial (11N5)

Brilliant quality large size counter for unidentified family. Made circa 1810.

price: £ 65
photo product
Unidentified armorial fish (11N6)

Early armorial fish - family not yet identified. Circa 1730. Chip to tail.

price: £ 110
photo product
SHORE counter (11N7)

Another super quaity early counter for SHORE. Circa 1750.

price: £ 60
photo product
Early round WARD (11N8)

early round circa 1740 for WARD.

price: £ 60
photo product
Watson with Darrel in pretence (11N9)

Super quality counter circa 1780: Watson with Darrell in pretence.

price: £ 50
photo product
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