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Selection of Chinese export mother-of-pearl gaming counters and collections, armorial and non-armorial.

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Sales page 2N - early armorials

With the royal baby named as Charlotte, what better way to commemorate than with a set of counters actually owned and used by her great great great great great grandmother (give or take a couple of 'greats'). The remainder of the page comprises early armorial gaming counters, many for named families. As usual, insured postage is included in the price shown, as well as a Certificate of Authenticity. If you are a new customer please ask for  free coipes of my booklets to go with your order. And if your order is for more than  one counter, combined mailing will save you money and I will get back to you with a total price.

Early armorial counter (2N1)

Another early armorial counter with full arms - but not as yet identified. Camellia reverse. Made circa 1760.

price: £ 60
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Davies armorial counter (2N2)

Super armorial in the wavy-edge style circa 1770 made with the crest of Davies - a bear's gamb (paw) holding a star.

price: £ 55
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STEWART armorial fish (2N3)

Very interesting armorial fish - the Stewarts had numerous sets of counters made over the years and this is from one of the early ones in around 1770. It shows the crest of the Stewarts - a pelican ...

price: £ 85
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Early armorial counter for DUBOIS (2N4)

Early armorial counter made for Charles Dubois circa 1720. Dubois was the Chief Accountant to the East India Company. Reverse blank - which was not too unusual with these very early counters made when ...

price: £ 75
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Small counter with crest(2N5)

Smaller size than the rest on this page  ( 29 mm 1 1/8 inches diameter) this has a crest of an armoured arm holding a  spear. Whispy flower reverse.

price: £ 50
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Early armorial counter - full arms & crest (2N6)

Super early armorial counter made circa 1750. Full arms  - unusual in having a crab! and crest of a lion rampant holding a sword. Family unidentified.

price: £ 70
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Tracey armorial counter (2N7)

Superb quality early armorial with the arms of TRACEY, made circa 1760.

price: £ 65
photo product
Davison impaling Carr (2N8)

One of my favourite counters because of the exceptional quality of the armorial detail: this counter with the arms of Davison impaling Carr and it was made circa 1750.

price: £ 70
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