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19th Century playing cards

In the process of collecting mother-of-pearl counters and gaming boxes, I have acquired several packs of old cards of which seven are illustrated here. I find these cards really intriguing but I do not know very much about them at all. I have arranged them roughly in what i consider to be date order but I could be wrong. The central card on the bottom row of each picture shows the reverse. If anybody viewing these cards can give me further information I will be pleased to add it to the descriptions.


De la Rue. Duty 3 pence. Printed back with card players.


De la Rue. Duty 3 pence. Plain pink back.


Goodall. No duty shown.


Bancks Brothers late Hunt. No duty shown.


De la Rue. Duty 1 shilling. Double court cards as are all the remaining packs.


Creswick. Duty 1 shilling and sixpence. Single court cards.


De la Rue. Duty 3 pence. Patterned back.

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