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Armorial Fishes

Armorial fishes are rare and were mainly used only in early sets produced from around 1720 to 1740; often there were double-fishes as well and the only other shape produced was the round counter. From 1740 onwards they were no longer part of standard sets.

Armorial fish 1

Early, single-sided crested fish with a unicorn 'sejant'. No scales.

Armorial fish 2

Very similar crest but with no cross-hatching behind the crest of a unicorn and with scales on the fish, suggesting a later date. Possibly made for the same family as the fish above.Thicker ...

Armorial fish 3

Similar fish with crest of a demi-lion emerging from a coronet. 2 3/4 inches.

Armorial fish 4

Much larger fish (3 3/8 inches); single-sided with no scales. Made for Charles Du Boys of London (see D.Cowan) in 1723.Crest of a wheel; helm, and armorial of a lion rampant and on the shoulder a ...

Armorial fish 5

Un-scaled fish with a crest of a tower, for the Tower family. Note the lack of cross-hatching behind the crest.

Armorial fish 6

There are very few known armorial fish counters. This one was made for Hyde of South Dentwich in 1725 (D.Cowan).Scaled fish of very good qulaity.

Armorial fish 7

Un-scaled fish with a helm and a crest of a crescent, made for the Bolney family in 1726(D.Cowan)

Armorial fish 8

'Fat' fish with crest of a martlet (bird). The only one shown here which is double-sided. Again no cross-hatching behind the crest. Could it be that there was less importance given to adding ...

Armorial fish 9

Another rare armorial fish made for Tracy in 1735.There was clearly an overlap in the use of different styles (scaled or unscaled).

Armorial fish 10

Fish counter made for the Vintners' Company in 1730 (D.Cowan).

Armorial fish 11

Fish counter (with a chip) made for the S.S. & F.G. Company.

Armorial fish 12

Very rare crested double fish counter made for Russell, Duke of Bedford circa 1735. There is cross-hatching on this counter but it is extremely fine and not easy to see. Reverse with a Duke's coronet ...

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