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Another special set with rare shapes

Counter 1

It is amazing how many special sets there were! This whole set of nine different shaped counters all bear the monogram JNB or INB or pehaps even TNB with the value of the counter in a roundel. This is ...

Counter 2

There then follows a counter marked '2'.

Counter 3

The '5' is a round. The quality of the mother-of-pearl is very high. As the value increases, so does the thickness. The border style locates this set to around 1830.

Counter 4

The '10' is a 'square'. Have they run out of shapes now?

Counter 5

No! The '20' is octagonal.

Counter 6

And so is the '30'.

Counter 7

Then comes an oval for the '40'.

Counter 8

The fifty is a parallelogram ( I just had to look up the spelling of that. If any Mathematician reads this can provide accurate descriptions of the shapes, I will be very happy to change the text!). I ...

Counter 9

Finally the '100' is hexagonal. The high denomination counters are very thick. Can anyone tell me what game this would have been for?

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