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Another special set in a rare combination

Counter 1

Yes. Another very special set. On one side, all these have the monogram'IP' or 'JP'. Note the quality of the mother-of-pearl.

Counter 2

This counter is numbered '1'. The border type locates these counters to around 1820.

Counter 3

The next one is numbered '5'.

Counter 4

Then '10'. Nothing very special about this set, I can hear you say. Nice quality, though.

Counter 5

A nice, round '20'.

Counter 6

OK. A really good quality 'real' square for the '50'.

Counter 7

And an even better and bigger square for the '100'.

Counter 8

This is where this set really takes off. A superb large round inscribed 'Whist'.

Counter 9

This piece marked 'Medaillon' is another very impressive work of art.

Counter 10

This is one of the finest pieces of mother-of-pearl I have ever seen. It measures almost three inches long. Beautifully inscribed 'Whist Singelo', it would appear to have been made for a Spanish or ...

Counter 11

'Whist Dobrado': another amazing piece. I am sure that you will agree that this is a truly special set!. Those of you who have purchased the very informative booklet by Derek Cowan will already have ...

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