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Period 1 : counters from 1720 to around 1770

This is the time when when it became an established part of the private tradeing of the captains and supercargoes to order counters.

Counter 1

Plain fish with no scales: one side with the crest of a unicorn sejant, the other plain. Attribution to the Tynte family (Burke's General Armory). Note the style of cross-hatching behind the crest. ...

Counter 2

Round counter with coat of arms (chevron with 3 leaves + crest of a stork). Note the single line border and the cross-hatching behind the coat of arms. Possible attribution to the Shore family. ...

Counter 3

Round with full coat of arms of a double-headed eagle with the crest of a dexter hand holding an eagle's leg. Reverse with simple camellia. Attribution to the Worth family. Date: Early.

Counter 4

Long-oblong with crest of a wyvern. Both sides identical. Single line border with cross-hatching behind crest and design. More detail to the flowers. Attribution: Colebrooke family (CAP vol.2 pg 200). ...

Counter 5

Monogram 'H' + Viscount's coronet. Stylised flowers with cross-hatching all over and single line border. Reverse diaper pattern with flowers. Date: Late.

Counter 6

Coat of arms of chevron, 3 cinquefoils and escallops with a griffin "in chief". Stylised flowers: reverse with similar. No crest shown. Attribution to Hawkins, Gloucester (CAP vol.2 pg 133). ...

Counter 7

Scaled fish with crest of martlet. Both sides identical. Note: no cross-hatching behind the crest. The fish is "shaped", not flat. Date: Middle.

Counter 8

Complex arms with a "fess" and "bend" and a rose. Crest of a dove with olive leaf in mouth. Wavy edge, single line border and more detailed flowers. Reverse with cryptic 'AS' ...

Counter 9

Coat of arms with fish and 3 acorns with a crest of an acorn between wings. Straight edges with more detail to flowers; cross hatching all over. Complex cryptic monogram to reverse with coronet. ...

Counter 10

Coat of arms of 3 chevrons and a crest of a heart between wings. Detailed flowers: reverse with diaper pattern and stylised flower head. Wavy edge. Attribution: Langton family (CAP vol. 2 pg 246). ...

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