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Lacquer boxes and 'sets' of counters

Styles of boxes and trays.

It became fashionable, particularly in the 19th century, to have Chinese lacquered boxes in which to store and transport the counters. The finest sets would often also have the crest or coat of arms ...

Oblong box with 8 trays

This box is monogrammed 'CA' and contains one long interior box and 4 smaller ones with 8 trays; 4 trays decorated with flowers and 4 with the A, K, Q, J of diamonds (for the game of Pope Joan, later ...

Octagonal box with 10 trays

This box has 7 interior boxes, four of which are shaped and 10 trays. There are two counter trays plus A, K, Q, J, 10, 9 of diamonds plus Matrimony (King and Queen) and Intrigue (Queen and Jack).

Simple oblong box with 8 trays

Much simpler in design, this one has 4 interior boxes with less detailed decoration and trays marked A, K, Q, J, 9 of diamonds plus Game and two counter trays.

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