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Combinations of shapes of counters

Combination 1

Round and long-oblong probably Spanish or Portuguese. Reverse with simple camellia. Date: Period 1, early.

Combination 2

Set of three counters with matching crest of wyvern and full armorial (Colebrooke impaling Hudson) on round only. See entry from Chinese Armorial Porcelain Vol.2 pg 200. (reproduced with the kind ...

Combination 3

Round and long-oblong with full arms, crest and motto. Possibly Spanish or Portuguese. Simple camellia reverse. Note that the long-oblong is held vertically. Date: Period 1, early.

Combination 4

Large square and long-oblong with cross-hatching and floral pattern. Attribution to the Earl of Galway. Date: Period 1, middle/late.

Combination 5

Extremely rare style shaped with heads of dogs of Fo at ends of long-oblong. Was this a prototype for the later "double-dolphin" counters/silk-winders? Full arms on round with the motto ...

Combination 6

Round square and long-oblong with full coat of arms. Reverse with diaper pattern and flowers Attribution to Langton family. Date: Period 1, late.

Combination 7

Round square and long-oblong are the main combination. Monogram 'WC' with lion crest above. Reverse with flowers. Date: Period 2, early.

Combination 8

Drilled border with harlequin reverse. Crest of boar's head. Date: Period 2, middle/late.

Combination 9

Round, shuttle and oval is another common combination. Reverse with diaper pattern. Possible attribution to Nourse family. Date: Period 2, late.

Combination 10

Larger size counters, superbly decorated. This is the famous set which belonged to Queen Charlotte, wife of George III of England. The border pattern became very fashionable. Full arms of England ...

Combination 11

Vine, fruit and moth border pattern; note the scenes of Chinese life in a roundel to the reverse. Initials HL to sides of coat of arms. Helm denotes a Esquire. Full arms which do not correspond ...

Combination 12

Flowers and bats and key-fret border; very big, thick counters. Reverse with a full scene. Front with phoenix rising from flames and letter 'M'. Date: Period 2, late.

Combination 13

Fretted (pierced) counters with full scene to reverse and crest of dove with laurel branch to the front. Attribution to Walkinshaw family. Date: Period 3.

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