Group of 69 quality counters

Group of 69 quality counters

Code: GROUP21


W: 2.3cm (0.9")L: 6.3cm (2.5")


Group of 69 top quality counters, thick mother-of-pearl. 14 round counters, 7 square and 48 longs. Each one with a thistle 'crest' and a full scene. Superb artwork. This may have been an order to Canton circa 1830 from a Scottish family - the thistle is a typical Scottish emblem - or it may have been intended to be an armorial set, in which case it should have had a torse beneath the thistle. Rounds measure  37 mm.; 'squares' measure 31 mm by 43 mm; and the longs 63 mm by 24. Bright, thick m-o-p.