French prisoner-of-war games box STAR ITEM!!!!

French prisoner-of-war games box STAR ITEM!!!!

Code: POW 4


W: 9cm (3.5")H: 6cm (2.4")L: 23.5cm (9.3")


This is my STAR item!!!!!!! A Naopleonic prisoner-of-war games box made by French prisoners of the English who were housed in hulk boats on the Thames and south coast for up to 15 years while the war continued. To keep them occupied the prisoners were permitted to use their professional skills ( joiners, carpenters etc) to make items for sale on the dockside. Games boxes were hugely popular. Made from pork bones from the kitchens on the boats, they included all sorts of games - from the most basic domino sets right up to this - the top-of-the-shop!! Everything you needed for an evening's entertainment. Cribbage marker to the slide-off lid; domino set;dice; teetotum; scoring pegs - and WAIT FOR IT! - a set of playing cards painted onto bone! What more could an English gent require??? This was made around 1800.

UK shipping included. Please enquire for othjer destinations. Full condition report available on request.