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Rare set ofsix large, numbered counters with super character scenes


Code: SET7


W: 4.4cm (1.7")L: 6.6cm (2.6")

It is quite rare to find sets of counters made to special order which are not armorial or at least monogrammed, but this set of six shapes/sizes was ordered presumably with a certain card game in mind beacuse of the numbering. The ovals are numbered 50, 20, 10 and 5; the round and the long are not numbered so were probably intended as 2 and 1. The quality of the character scenes  is very high indeed - the shaded (cross-hatched) areas are so finely done that they appear to be black. And these counters were made with the Queen Charlotte type border indicating a date of around 1785 when the m-o-p available in Canton was at its very best. The 50 counter is the largest; the three other ovals are all of a similar slightly smaller size. Superb quality all round.